Aligning with UNSDGs

A Culture of Responsibility and Innovation

By embracing the SDGs as a guiding framework, we are integrating sustainability into our core business strategy, fostering a culture of responsibility, innovation, and collaboration. Through the embedding of sustainable practices into our operations, active engagement in community development initiatives, and efforts to safeguard the environment, we contribute to the larger vision of creating a more inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous world for present and future generations.

We ensure safety and wellbeingb at work by adopting the right safety measures along with regular safety training of the employees to eliminate incidents.

We are recycling water in our operational processes while striving to reduce the consumption of water.

We are taking initiatives through employee engagement and talent development programmes to ensure diversity and inclusivity among our people.

We have adopted renewable energy sources to achieve our net zero target and combat climate change.

We have strengthened the infrastructure in schools to promote quality education for children.

Efficient capital allocation, excellence in operational activities and employing the right people have contributed to economic growth.

We are undertaking initiatives to uplift local communities by providing quality healthcare and education and ensuring a holistic development of the society.

We are empowering our women workforce through regular encouragement sessions and maternity support which ensures equal opportunities for them.

Our R&D team has reinforced the customer-centricity of our products by continuously investing in innovation.

We practiceresponsible production with an integrated system to ensure that our products cause the least harm to the environment.