Social and Relationship Capital

Our belief in propagating mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders enable us to constantly focus on shared goals that help to address the most pressing needs of the community. As a socially conscious entity, we strive to strengthen our value creation approach through targeted efforts for holistic development of people and communities.

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We believe in the power of social inclusivity and its profound impact on creating a harmonious society. Through our CSR initiatives, we remain committed to providing specialised healthcare services to our local communities. We make quality education accessible to children, ensuring that no child is left behind in their pursuit of knowledge. Moreover, to foster the growth of new-age entrepreneurs, we conduct vocational training programmes that equip them with relevant industry skills.

Committed to meaningful change

We understand our responsibility towards people and the society at large. It guides us to undertake meaningful initiatives that are aimed at uplifting local communities and contributing towards economic development. With a focus on environmental sustainability, promotion of health and education and dedicated community development efforts, we remain motivated to strengthen relationships with diverse stakeholders including people, communities, government and regulatory authorities.

Bajaj Electricals Foundation (BEF)

We have established the Bajaj Electricals Foundation (BEF), a trust that serves as both the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and philanthropic arm of Bajaj Electricals Ltd. Our commitment lies in building enduring and sustainable partnerships and programmes. We consistently undertake community development initiatives through BEF, ensuring their effective implementation and development.

Key focus areas

Ensuring Environmental Sustainability & promoting Education

Promotion of Education, Vocational skills and Livelihood Generation

Promoting Preventive Health Care

Promoting Indian Arts & Culture

Employee volunteering

To foster a culture of inclusive growth, we seek to engage our people in various CSR initiatives. The involvement of our workforce in our CSR journey not only allows us to inculcate a feeling of social inclusivity, but it also aims to nurture qualities that are essential for developing a thriving and responsible organisation. We appoint employees as CSR Champions and CSR activity leaders to act as ambassadors for the Company.

  • It helps to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders and promote the organisation's values and goals as a socially responsible entity.
  • Volunteers are engaged in capacity building and social awareness campaigns, act as mentors in educational institutions and participate in tree plantation drives.
  • It has resulted in the development of exemplary CSR projects, showcasing the commitment of employees in creating a positive impact on the community.


Employees volunteered for CSR projects

Guided by a visionary leadership

Believing to lead by example and fostering a culture of integrity, fairness and transparency throughout the organisation, our senior leaders provide invaluable guidance when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethics. They embody a strong commitment to ethical practices and the welfare of our local communities.


Bajaj Electricals has undertaken a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing the infrastructure in schools and ensuring the holistic well-being of children through the promotion of sports.

  • Supporting skilled athletes and promoting the advancement of sports education through strengthening of sports infrastructure in schools.
  • Upgrading existing facilities in schools through the construction of classrooms, libraries, laboratories and recreational areas. By creating a conducive learning environment, we ensure student engagement, well-being, and academic excellence.


We undertake a wide array of comprehensive healthcare programmes that are dedicated to providing access to quality healthcare.

  • Offering oral cancer screening facilities for Mumbai railway police personnel as well as other patients.
  • Training and capacity building programmes for healthcare professionals.
  • Assisting programmes for encouraging tobacco cessation.
  • Conducting anti-tobacco advocacy and awareness programmes in collaboration with schools, colleges and communities.

Art and culture

To foster the development of art and culture, we continue to undertake several initiatives.

  • An Innovation Hub has been set up to specifically focus on supporting start-ups and fostering the growth of new age entrepreneurs in the field of art and culture.
  • Extending support to emerging artists to pursue a careers in arts.

For the Environment

The Challenge

Environmental concerns such as air pollution, water pollution, soil erosion and the urban heat island effect have become more pronounced in urban locations. The scarcity of green spaces in these regions further worsens these problems. To address these challenges and improve the urban ecology, it has become imperative to find comprehensive solutions that can enhance the quality of life for city dwellers.

Our approach

In response to these concerns, we launched environmental initiatives across India at focus on tree plantations and urban forestation in collaboration with various partners.


Tree plantation

Encouraging our people to engage in CSR initiatives, we planted trees in key locations such as parks, gardens, educational institutions and, government premises. It aimed to improve forest cover in urban areas, create better air quality, and support the natural biodiversity of the region.


Urban forestation

Through this programme, we established large-scale green spaces in urban locations, including from native trees and flowering plants. Our main focus was increasing the forest cover in urban areas, improve air and water quality, promote biodiversity and offer recreational opportunities.

Incubation Hub

ABLIH is an incubation centre created as an Innovation Hub across 15,500 sq. ft. area, with of world-class facilities and new- age infrastructure. The hub offers 360-degree interventions including mentoring, seed funding and meets incubation needs of start-ups. The thrust areas are Women Entrepreneurship (WE) and Creative Entrepreneurship, two areas that often remain outside the purview of incubators.

The results

By executing this dual strategy, we have planted more than 86,000 trees across various urban sites. These efforts have led to substantial ecological, social and economic benefits, including:

  • Improved air quality: Our plantations absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants, thereby enhancing air quality.
  • Soil conservation: By reducing soil erosion and improving soil quality, our efforts support local agriculture and natural ecosystems.
  • Soil conservation: By reducing soil erosion and improving soil quality, our efforts support local agriculture and natural ecosystems.
  • Water conservation: The trees reduce water runoff and increase infiltration, mitigating the effects of drought and protecting water quality.
  • Reduction in urban heat island effect: The trees offer shade, reducing temperatures in urban areas and lowering the demand for air conditioning.
  • Aesthetic value: The added greenery has beautified urban spaces, uplifting the quality of life for residents and visitors.
  • Livelihood generation: The initiative has created additional income sources, contributing to the local economy.


Trees planted

Long term outlook

After 5-10 years of growth, these plantations could potentially sequester around 6,000 to 9,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, marking a significant stride towards environmental sustainability.

Value creation for suppliers

At Bajaj Electricals, we are cognisant of the integral role that our suppliers play in our operations. This acknowledgement forms the bedrock of our holistic approach to supplier engagement, ensuring that our interactions create shared value.


Suppliers and Vendors

Ensuring ethical conduct

Our commitment to transparency and ethical conduct forms the cornerstone of our relationship with our suppliers. This guides interactions with our suppliers and governs our expectations from them.

Supplier onboarding

During the onboarding process, all suppliers are informed of our policies and Code of Conduct. This step ensures that our suppliers understand our operational procedures, ethical guidelines and expectations right from the beginning.

Communication and escalation channels

We encourage open communication and strive to resolve conflicts easily. As a result, we share our modes of communication and escalation contacts with all our suppliers. This allows them to confidentially share concerns directly with the management. We consider this procedure vital for fostering trust and facilitating constructive dialogue with our supply partners.

Contractual agreements

We strive to ensure that our contractual agreements with suppliers contain all relevant clauses pertaining to our business relationship. These contracts establish our expectations and the supplier's obligations, setting a clear framework for our partnership and ensures protection of both parties.

Promoting local sourcing

‘Hello Local’

Our Supply Chain Management team promotes local procurement through the ‘Hello Local’ initiative. Currently, our reliance on imports stands at over 170 SKUs. However, our focused efforts towards localisation have resulted in domestic sourcing of 35 SKUs. Moreover, we are in the process of localising an additional 20+ SKUs. This drive towards localisation encompasses a wide range of products under both Bajaj Electricals and Morphy Richards brands, demonstrating our commitment to supporting local businesses and reducing import dependency.

Supplier engagement

Our interaction with suppliers is marked by frequent and varied engagement methods.

Individual meetings and site visits

We maintain close relationships with our suppliers, conducting on-site visits and individual meetings to discuss new products and business requirements.

Regular communication

Through emails, meetings and conferences, we ensure our lines of communication are always open, with engagement happening on a quarterly, biannual and annual basis, or as the business needs dictate.

Operational discussions

We conduct daily operational discussions with suppliers to ensure seamless operation flow and address concerns in a timely manner.

Training and capacity building initiatives

Our value-creation efforts focus on the training and development of our suppliers. We conduct regular workshops and awareness sessions to cover key topics such as ESG norms, RoHS compliance, and BIS regulations. These sessions provide suppliers with guidelines and processes for product compliance and delivery requirements, helping them meet our expectations.

Supplier satisfaction surveys

We conduct regular supplier satisfaction surveys to gauge the satisfaction of our suppliers, address their concerns, and improve our supplier relationship management. These surveys cover a range of issues, such as quality, cost, delivery, ESG compliance and payments.

Embedding sustainability in supplier engagement

We ensure that our business partners align with our sustainability principles. To do so, we adopt several measures encourage our suppliers to adopt sustainability practices.

Supplier tracking

We inform our suppliers about sustainability measures and reporting under ESG criteria. It is important to us that our suppliers understand the significance of these measures and how they contribute to our shared commitment to sustainable business practices.

Currently, we use manual processes to measure and monitor the sustainability activities of our suppliers. While these methods are labour-intensive, they provide us with valuable insights into our suppliers' environmental footprint and allow us to track their adherence to our sustainability expectations.

Supplier factory compliance checks

Our team conducts compliance checks at supplier factories to ensure compliance with sustainability standards and industry regulations. These checks ensure that our suppliers' operations align with our environmental standards and industry regulations.

Environmental screening for new suppliers

Screening new suppliers through environmental criteria is a fundamental aspect of our supplier onboarding process. The production facilities of potential suppliers are subject to audit by our Quality Assurance team, which evaluates them based on multiple parameters. The final score from this evaluation is used to screen the suppliers.


A Platform for Supplier Innovation

Under our Mulya initiative, we have launched a portal with an emphasis on ‘VAVE’ activities for encouraging our suppliers to propose cost-saving and valueadding ideas. This portal acts as a platform for our suppliers to showcase their creativity and innovation, leading to mutual benefits. As part of this initiative, we acknowledge the best costsaving ideas.

Value creation for Customers

At the core of our services lies our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with best-in-class experience. Our comprehensive customer care framework is designed to prioritise customer satisfaction, streamline service operations and resolve issues promptly.

Real-time customer satisfaction surveys

After each service interaction, we facilitate an online, real-time aftersales customer satisfaction survey. The customer is asked to express their satisfaction by choosing emojis and validating the response with an OTP received at the beginning of the service call.

More than 99%

Delighted and satisfied customers

Outsourced customer support

We have outsourced our entire customer support to a team comprising thousands of field service engineers. The team not only helps in expanding our service network, but also enhances the capabilities of service engineers, ensuring fast and effective resolution of service calls.


Field service engineers

Digital customer interactions

We have embraced digitalisation to enhance customer interactions. Several online tools, such as chatbots, webforms, and WhatsApp call registration, have been integrated into our customer support system, and we plan to introduce a voice bot for call registration and call status updates.

Customer care centres

Our customer care centres serve as a major touchpoints for managing and resolving consumer complaints. There is an exclusive team of agents for Online Call Resolution (OCR). They resolve customer issues over the phone whenever possible, reducing the need for in-person visits.


Consumer care centres

Way forward

  • We plan to intensify our engagement on social media platforms to improve customer relationships and boost brand visibility.
  • We plan to intensify our engagement on social media platforms to improve customer relationships and boost brand visibility.
  • We plan to intensify our engagement on social media platforms to improve customer relationships and boost brand visibility.