Intellectual Capital

Our relentless efforts to create a differentiated product portfolio is hinged on our innovative approach to design and deliver superior quality products that cater to changing consumer aspirations. With the rapid adoption of emerging technologies, we remain determined to introduce smarter and sustainable products to the market.

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  • Environmental portfolio
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Our relentless pursuit of product innovation has led us to continuously adapt to new-age processes and embrace advanced technologies to develop products with best-in-class features. Our commitment to excellence drives us to create products that are truly 'BUILT FOR LIFE.' With a strong focus on energy efficiency and the adoption of emerging technologies, we strive to deliver solutions that enhance the lives of our customers and contribute to a sustainable future.

Emphasis on Research & Development

At Bajaj Electricals, the tireless efforts of our R&D team empower us to sustain our performance in a dynamic market. Keeping product innovation at the core, we are adapting to new-age processes, adopting advanced technologies and sharpening our skillset to render functionally superior products. It not only enables us to retain a competitive edge but, also opens up new opportunities for sustainable progress.

To further strengthen our R&D capabilities, we rely on our Product Research Centre (PRC), Centre of Excellence and Design Quality departments within the R&D division. It not only allows us to diversify our portfolio further, but also provides an opportunity to add efficiency to our operations. Besides, the adoption of advanced technologies, deployment of physics based engineering and reliability simulations and Programme Lifecycle Management (PLM) for all our R&D projects help us to introduce best-in class products to the market on time.

At Bajaj Electricals, we conduct extensive research to identify market trends, gaps, and opportunities before launching the products. The R&D team also carries out market visits to identify consumer preferences for various products and regularly benchmarks products against industry peers to stay up-to-date with latest trends.

In the fiscal year 2022-23, we have introduced 678 new products consisting of 165 in Consumer Products and in 513 Lighting Solutions divisions.


With the 'BUILT FOR LIFE' brand positioning in mind, our R&D team continues to upgrade and innovate products in terms of design, features, quality and price point. Our constant focus on testing and analysing products at every stage of the product lifecycle enables us to incorporate changes effectively. It also enables us to maintain a steady product pipeline of new and innovative products.

The following products were recently introduced to fulfil the assurance of 'BUILT FOR LIFE' across various categories:

These products address consumer concerns and help to create a distinguished portfolio. To assure the highest standards of quality, our products are tested and approved by NABL/ DSIR accredited labs, export certified labs such as Bureau Veritas, TUV Rheinland, and BIS recognised labs.

Energy efficient products

Our efforts to ensure sustainability is demonstrated through our emphasis on the production of energy-efficient products. To meet the stringent regulations for energy star labelling, our R&D team continues to offer innovative ideas for developing products that minimise energy consumption.

Ceiling fans

BEE Star Rated

We have developed efficient motors with compact design blades to reduce the use of electricity.

Water storage heater

BEE Star Rated

It has efficient heating elements with a dual safety system (Thermostat and Thermal Cutout) to conserve energy.

Induction cooktop, microwave oven

Star Rated

The optimised design of the main PCB, heating elements and sensors of the induction cooktop helps to reduce energy consumption. Similarly, the microwave’s heating element, Magnetron and fans ensure energy efficiency.

LED Bulb

Star Rated

We have developed 5 star rated LED bulbs that are BIS registered.

LED Luminaire

Bajaj developed LED luminaire in the Indoor and Outdoor categories, ensuring highest energy efficiency in the market.

Innovate and rise

At Bajaj Electricals, we have established a culture of innovation and with the vision of enhancing the quality of life and ensuring sustainability, we collaborate with partners to develop new concepts that make way for consumer delight.


Total number of innovative ideas received


Innovative ideas under evaluation


Innovative ideas adopted

Awards and recognition

We have bagged a number of prestigious awards during FY 2023, for designing innovative products and solutions.

Golden Peacock Innovative Product Award

WorldStar Packaging g Award for stadium light packaging design

Good Design Award for Morphy Richards Kube storage water heater

Indiastar Packaging Award for innovative packaging of stadium light and Juvel Mixer Grinder

Product of the Year Award for Morphy Richards Digichef Microwave and Morphy Richards Kube storage water heaters

Smart solutions

Embracing technological advancements, we are developing various intelligent solutions that will substantially boost our productivity and ensure resource efficiency.

Smart Office Solutions

During the pandemic, we began developing smart office solutions. Our aim was to build comfortable and safe workspaces. To achieve this, we introduced our Workplace Management System, which is a fusion of smart devices and software platforms that optimises the use of workplace resources and effectively manages infrastructure and facility assets.

Connected Factory: - (Industry 4.0)

  1. By monitoring and discussion making level Reports for Nirlep factory.
  2. By showing the administrative hierarchy basis dashboard the factory performance is increased.

Key performance indicators give the prominent result to increase the performance from lower to higher management.

Implementation a smart factory

Smart factory initiative driving:

1. Integration:

a. Horizontal integration

  1. Through value networks are now facilitate inter -corporation Collaboration.
  2. New Value Networks and Servers are implemented on Factory Level.
  3. PLC and HMI interface are evaluated and installed inside the Nirlep factory.

b. Vertical integration Int

  1. A Factory owns several physical and informational subsystems, such as Actuator and Sensor, Control, Production Management and Manufacturing etc.
  2. It is essential to Vertical integration of PLC and sensor signals across various levels.

2. Cyber and Property Security:

  1. All the data that sends from the Factory to cloud is encrypted.
  2. VAPT and Security Tests are runs as per the BEL security policies.

3. Conclusions and Future Work:

  1. With the emerging information technologies, such as IoT, big data, and cloud computing together with Artificial intelligence technologies, we believe the smart factory of Industry 4.0 can be implemented.
  2. Smart machines and products can communicate and negotiate with each other to reconfigure themselves for flexible production of multiple types of products.
  3. The KPIs that are provided by the dashboard is extremely important for the decision making for higher management.

Benefits: -

  • The smart factory helps to implement sustainable production mode in order to overcome global challenges.
  • It can lead to novel business modes and even affect our lifestyle. Although the implementation of smart factory is still facing some technical challenges,
  • It can lead to novel business modes and even affect our lifestyle. The implementation of smart factory is still facing some technical challenges,
  • We are on right path by simultaneously applying the existing technologies and promoting technical advancements. Along with existing technologies, some application demonstrations have already been built. Therefore, the smart factory and the Industry 4.0 can be implemented in a progressive way with the unstopped technical advancements. In the future, we will continue to develop our prototype design and focus on the key enabling technologies.

Cyber security and IT monitoring

The Company’s operations are increasingly dependent on IT systems and the management of data / information. There is continuous increase threat of cyber-attack threat of unauthorised access and misuse of sensitive information or disruption to operations. Any such an attack could inhibit our business operations in a number of ways, including disruption to sales, production and cash flows, ultimately impacting our results. Also with increase in our digital interactions with customers, suppliers, and consumers, business need for secure and reliable IT infrastructure and careful management of the information that is in our possession to ensure data privacy.

Accelerated pace of digitisation of our operations also gives rise to the need to proactively detect and mitigate risks arising from technological advancements such as deployment of Al, Robotics Process Automation, Machine Learning.

To reduce the impact of external cyber-attacks impacting our business, we have deployed firewalls and threat monitoring systems in place, complete with immediate response capabilities to mitigate identified threats. We also maintain a robust system for the control and reporting of access to our critical IT systems. This is supported by an annual programme of testing of access controls. We have implemented policies covering the protection of both business and personal information, as well as the use of IT systems and applications by our employees. We also have a set of IT security standards and closely monitor their operation to protect our systems and information. We are moving all systems and data to cloud by next year. Robust and scalable system architecture with multi-level redundancy, is built on the cloud that allows real time data replication capability. This ensures system resilience including minimum downtime of the systems and minimum to zero data loss in case of any disaster. We have standardised ways of hosting information on our public websites and have systems in place to monitor compliance with appropriate privacy laws and regulations, and with our own policies. We are increasingly putting in place review and monitoring frameworks for new age automations to assess inherent open risks and mitigate the same.

Digital transformations

With over half of India's population using the internet, the nation leads in global mobile data consumption. We have embarked on a digital transformation journey to strengthen our digital backbone with Nysa 2.0. The focus on becoming intelligent enterprise will enable us to create a tech powered and human-centric solutions.

We recognise the necessity of upgrading our digital capabilities by successfully implementing multiple SAP solutions meeting complex needs of business and emerging needs – from sourcing to manufacturing; from innovation to marketing to reaching our consumers through omni-channels.

Our objective is to employ bestin-class technologies such as AI, ML, Robotic Process Automation, security systems and advanced analytics, to develop a tech powered and data-driven digital enterprise.

  • We have embarked our journey on big data and analytics as a tool to drive sustainable growth. Our data lake is setup on AWS with single source of truth deployed with PowerBI analytics.
  • We have deployed product lifecycle management solutions to manage product introductions and changes to configurations in order to keep pace with advances in technology and fierce competition.
  • Smart Factories initiatives with Industry IoT driving the efficiencies and reducing costs.
  • We are leveraging technology to cater to our digitally active retailers through the retailer loyalty programme.
  • Driving technology to connect with our extended partners – vendors, distributors, superstockists to manage the business seamlessly.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has enabled the automation of repetitive, rule-based tasks, freeing our workforce to focus on other major business aspects.

BEL CitiSol

We have designed a new business model ‘BEL CitiSol’ which is an embodiment of our shift from traditional box-selling to a holistic solution-oriented approach. BEL CitiSol is a platform for the lighting industry, designed to offer a connected and IoT-based experience to our B2B customers. Serving key stakeholders such as Smart City initiatives, Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and government projects, Commercial Building, MFG Industries we are enabling the transformation of public infrastructure through digital innovation.


  • Smart utility pole
  • Group controlled outdoor lighting
  • Individual controlled outdoor lighting
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Energy monitoring modules
  • Indoor smart lighting with HVAC integration.

Communication Technology:

  • NBIoT
  • LoRa
  • RF – Zigbee - Mesh
  • GSM
  • BLE – Mesh

Key Highlights

Holistic Solution Provider

Offers comprehensive smart solutions for city lighting using IoT technology.

Contributor to Smart Cities

Actively driving the development of smart cities by enabling digital transformation on a national scale.

Energy Efficiency

Provides best-in class technologies, delivering up to 80% energy efficiency.

Strong secure PKi stack

ISO27000 environment.

Operational Efficiency

Promises up to a 50% improvement in operational efficiency, allowing our customers to optimise their operations.

BEL CIoT – (consumer IoT Platform)

BEL CIoT is a Consumer IoT Platform developed to enhance the customer experience. This platform enables customers to control and monitor Bajaj Consumer Products, providing a user-friendly, digital interface for managing these products. In addition to controlling and monitoring capabilities, the platform connects consumers with product services for ease of access and maintenance.


IT team members

10+ years

Average experience

Key Features

Control and Monitoring

Users can effectively manage their products, and receive real time updates about devices.

Connection to Product Services

The platform bridges the gap between customers and product services, ensuring easy access to support and maintenance.

Purchase of New Products

Users can effectively manage their products, and receive real time updates about devices.


based consumer products.

Adoption of emerging technologies

With constant evolution of technology, we aspire to reimagine product usage with the implementation of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), robotics etc. We are deploying technology to develop smarter products and solutions across our business verticals.

Alongside, we have implemented SAP across our facilities to ensure better tracking of cost and inventory. This has reduced maintenance issues, improved energy utilisation and productivity.

Smart lighting solutions

In the B2B division, we undertook a smart indoor lighting automation project to facilitate an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to light up commercial and industrial spaces. The initiatives taken in FY 2023 include the following:

Innovation across business units

Windhill technology

We have adopted Windhill, a new platform for product life cycle management. Its PLM software offers a comprehensive solution for managing product lifecycles, from design to end-of-life processes. The programme is intended to help optimise operations, reduce costs, and improve product quality and compliance standards.

Narrowband Internet of Things (NBIoT)

We have started implementing Narrowband Internet of Things (NBIoT), a communication technology used in outdoor lighting solutions. It is a wireless communication technique that allows long-distance communication among devices powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It is a low-power widearea network (LPWAN) technology that runs on the wireless spectrum's restricted bandwidth. It provides various advantages, including lower power consumption, increased coverage, and improved indoor penetration, making it ideal for a variety of IoT applications in smart cities, smart homes, and industries.

Smart pole technology

At Bajaj Electricals, we have adopted the smart pole technology to integrate advanced features in street poles, with the addition of sensors, cameras, and communication devices, to make them suitable for a variety of services and applications. This technology enables cost saving, generates more revenue and helps in better infrastructure management.

BLE mesh technology

We are using BLE mesh technology for consumer products used in smart homes, lighting systems, and wearables. With this technology, each connected device within the network can communicate with each other, allowing more efficient and reliable communication. It also aids in lowering power consumption, enhancing scalability and flexibility of devices.

Marketing and Branding

We have leveraged digital media for branding and advertising, focusing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This strategy is backed by advanced analytics, collective company experience and continuous market research. We repositioned ourselves as BUILT FOR LIFE, resonating with the millennial/Gen Z consumer and highlighting durability and endurance as the brand promise.

Key campaigns and marketing initiatives include:

Collaborating with a renowned agency for strategic communication planning and implementation

Utilising influencer marketing and working with popular influencers like Chef Kunal Kapur, Chef Vismai, Sukhmani Gambhir and Pearle Mane.

Conducting a repositioning campaign post the Diwali season, 69 million people reached through the Digital campaign

Running a successful social media contest for Nirlep during Diwali, garnering over 450 entries

Conducting targeted social media campaigns for receptive cohorts and international brand enthusiasts

Using in-store branding and merchandising to boost brand recall

Incorporating performance marketing and strengthening e-commerce presence for better conversions in overseas markets

Collaborating with third-party agencies and conducting primary and secondary research to stay abreast of market trends

Key highlights


  • The digital share of ADEX rose to 38%, with Digital Video's ADEX share reaching 30%.
  • Our digital interventions garnered an impressive 524 million consumers across multimedia campaigns.
  • We achieved an outstanding overall Video Through Rate (VTR) of 81%, exceeding industry benchmarks.
  • Generated 1,149 million impressions, surpassing our estimated target by 13%.
  • Created over 80 informative videos for distribution across social media and e-commerce platforms.


  • Our Diwali repositioning campaign resulted in a 7.4% lift in awareness and a 3.4% lift in consideration on Facebook.
  • Nirlep's Instagram contest during Diwali reached over 3 million users with over 7 million impressions, increasing our followers by 11.3%.

Morphy Richards

  • Our campaigns reached approximately 33 million people.
  • We achieved a higher VTR than anticipated, ranging from 6% to 11%.

Way forward

  • Address consumer needs by developing innovative and cost-effective products, centred around solving customer pain points.
  • Strengthen in-house R&D for more unique and competitive product offerings, while also building a robust IP portfolio.
  • Strategically monitor and adjust to volatile raw material prices to optimise costs without compromising quality.
  • Increase focus on smart lighting solutions, especially in outdoor lighting and introduce new IoT and smart solution products for indoor decorative lighting.
  • Customise SKUs to improve inventory management, while catering to diverse customer requirements.
  • Sustain market leadership by consistently delivering high-quality, innovative and energy-efficient products.