Human Capital

At Bajaj Electricals, we consistently endeavour to foster a work environment that empowers our people to realise their true potential. We strive to create a workforce that is skilled, motivated and aligned to the requirements of a future-ready organisation, thereby strengthening our ability to nurture a sustainable organisation.

Material topic linkage

  • Employee health and safety
  • Business ethics and anti-corruption

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We focus on nurturing a future-ready talent pool that not only possesses the skills and capabilities to thrive in a dynamic operating environment but also embodies strong leadership qualities and embraces unified team efforts. Our culture of consistent learning ensures that our personnel are equipped with the requisite tools and knowledge to adapt and excel in an ever-evolving industry. We recognise exceptional performances and foster an environment where every individual has equal opportunities to grow and succeed. Being certified as a Great Place to Work® for the third consecutive year bears testimony to our commitment to being an employer of choice.

Three pillars have served as the foundation of Bajaj Electricals’ HR practices:

Creating a future-ready organisation

Diversity and equal opportunity

Employee wellness and safety

Building a future-ready talent pool

At Bajaj Electricals, we believe in attracting and retaining the right talent through an efficient hiring process that entails multi layered evaluation procedures. To build a stronger talent pool, we are emphasising on the addition of young talent with diverse perspectives. Our campus programmes, including SPRINT (Management Trainee Programme), Sales Management Associate Programme and Graduate Engineer Training, are intended to develop an aspirational talent pool within the organisation. In FY23, we employed 6 management trainees from Tier II institutions and 6 GETs for our plants. Additionally, the SMA programme was reintroduced to attract people interested in a career in Sales.


New employees hired

Enhanced onboarding experience

The organisation has streamlined the onboarding experience through the 'Welcome Onboard' Programme. The programme focuses on the first 30-60-90 days of new hires and instils in managers and the HR team members, a sense of collective responsibility. On the first day of work, the new hire receives a welcome kit that includes a laptop, an ID card and other relevant materials, as well as HR and team induction. Over the period of 30-60 days, HRBP and the management ensure goal setting, team and culture alignment. After 90 days, the management and newly hired employees engage in a pre-confirmation coaching conversation. Additionally, all new hires participate in a rigorous group induction programme, ‘Anugam’, whereby they interact with their respective Function Heads after 120 days.


New hires attended Anugam in FY 2023 - the Corporate Induction Programme

Training and development

To nurture a culture of continuous learning, we have introduced several training and development programmes for our people. During the year under review, we conducted training sessions focused on functional and behavioural development of employees. Also, programmes including finance for non-finance, digital marketing, contract management and negotiation, compliances, diversity and inclusion and managerial capability development were organised.

We have also partnered with Korn Ferry Consulting to design our internal assessments, individual development plans and group learning programmes. This intervention has led to successful leadership development within the organisation.


Manhours of training during FY 2023

Catapult programme

At Bajaj Electricals, we are committed to raising the managerial efficiency of our people. The Catapult programme has been created to foster strong leadership, encourage unified team effort and build a diverse workforce. This programme also aims to enhance the self management and performance management skills of our managers.


Managers attended the Catapult training programme in FY 2023


It is a high performer- high potential development programme for the top 5% talent within the organisation. The programme spans over 10-11 months and focuses on developing top talent for critical roles within our organisation.

Digital Learning

Our online learning platform, WeLearn, hosts over 240 courses ranging from Compliance, Behavioural & Functional courses, for employees. It includes interactive, customised content, curated as per specific needs (Compliance trainings, Goal Setting, ESOPs, Finance for Non Finance, etc.) as well as off-the shelf content subscribed from learning partners like Skilldom, Actuate and Percipio. These are part of the e-learning library which can be accessed by the employees for skill enhancement.

Driving Peak Performance

It was conceived with a focus on the Growth mindset of our Plant leadership team. Group learning, individual development plans and coaching exercises were conducted as part of this programme.


It is a peer-to-peer learning programme where selected employees are trained to facilitate in-house sessions on functional and behavioural topics. We have developed a pool of 28 in house facilitators, across different functions, to deliver programmes on various modules.

Compliance & ESG training

A series of compliance trainings were conducted with a focus on POSH, Code of Conduct, Whistleblower and Insider Trading policy. In addition, more than 25% employees attended ESG awareness sessions conducted by Sukaraks.

High-performance Culture

It is through our integrated employee engagement system and focused development opportunities that we ensure strong output generation and employee efficiency.

Organisation redesign

During FY2023, we reviewed our organisation structure and re-aligned functions to create stronger synergies within the Company. Along with streamlining the functions of various business verticals, it helped to improve decision making and empowered employees to aim for meaningful growth.

Digitalisation to improve employee experience

SAP SF has been employed to streamline and automate HR processes and improve employee experience. The platform offers real-time data on the employee journey and serves as a single source for accessing employee data. The manufacturing plants are also being added to the module.

Outcomes of digitalisation

  • The digital hiring method has ensured a reduction of lead time from 3 days to a single day
  • Comprehensive e-learning platforms to ensure skill enhancement
  • Self-service access to employees for policies, compensation, performance management information
  • Improved onboarding experience for new joiners

Fostering consistent employee engagement

We believe, employee engagement is key to operational excellence and therefore, undertake several employee engagement initiatives. At Bajaj Electricals, we also provide diverse growth opportunities through platforms such as the Mulya programme that allow employees to be a part of the cross-functional teams. Our teams can use these platforms to ideate new concepts, solve business challenges and enrich their skills further by engaging with colleagues from different departments. Additionally, our people are offered the cross functional projects to provide exposure to critical roles. We also encourage fairness in our appraisal system to provide equal opportunities to every individual. This has enhanced employee retention in the long run.

Bajaj Got Talent

Our in-house employee engagement programme encourages the workforce to participate in various talent shows, sports events and celebrations. Under this initiative, we also conduct regular health check-ups for our people.

Rewarding outstanding performance

We acknowledge the contribution of our people and recognise exceptional performances through various reward programmes. We offer instant appreciation through Spotlight cards, Quarterly Prizes and Annual Achieverz Awards. Through these endeavours, we aspire to appreciate the remarkable contribution of our employees while upholding organisational values. We have a special category of awards designed to recognise the best cross functional teams who have significantly impacted the Company’s strategic initiatives.

A Great Place to Work®

Bajaj Electricals has been certified as a Great Place to Work®, for the third consecutive year. We are also proud to be featured in the list of Top 50 Organisations with Great Managers by People Business. Our MD and CEO was awarded the Man of Small Appliances Award by CEAMA and our CFO was recognised as the Best CFO at the Finance Strategy Award in the 6th edition of Business World CFO World.


Employees take pride in their affiliation with the organisation

Diversity and inclusion

Our commitment to be an equal opportunity employer drives us to hire candidates from diverse backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, religion, gender, nationality or physical capability. With a focus on merit-based recruitment processes, we also strive to maintain a healthy gender diversity within the organisation.


Women employees (Excl. factories)

Ramps at the HO to ease mobility of differently-abled employees.

STEPUP: Empowering our women employees

The STEPUP platform, which aims to foster a sense of trust and belonging through various sessions and interactions with female leaders across sectors, is positively impacting the organisation. Approximately 150 female co-workers, across all business verticals, have been engaged through this platform.

D&I council

D&I Council

The D&I council consists of both men and women in leadership positions. The representation by both men and women ensures that there is diversity of views & buy-in on decisions.

Women Centric Policies

Women centric policies focussing on flexibility were rolled out during the year. The new policies focus on flexible work timings to support maternity and health related requirements. To enable safe travel for women employees, additional policies were rolled out including travel support during odd travel hours and outstation journey.

Employee Sensitisation

A self- paced e learning module was launched to sensitise employees on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Around 800 employees completed the module and assessments. In addition, the managers of women employees also attended workshop on DEI specially curated to sensitise and build skills in the managers to make the workplace inclusive.

Employee Resource Group

A cross functional team of women employees were nominated to ideate and implement changes to enhance the experience of women employees in the organisation. This team function as change agents and drive D&I initiatives at organisation and business levels.

Step Up Workshops

Workshops focussing on topics related to career accelerators were organised. The sessions on Lean In Leap Out, Crafting Brand You, The art of networking and influence and Power dressing and styling were attended by all women employees.

Engagement Initiatives

Women’s Day celebration on March 8 is a special moment for all women employees. Organisation appreciated their contribution and uniqueness in form of small celebration and presenting a personalised hamper. In addition, women conclave was organised were all women employees from all locations travelled to Mumbai Head office location and attended the conclave. The purpose of conclave was to seek inputs and ideas from women employees on action areas. Followed by conclave, women employees also attended foundation day celebration “Sarvottam Diwas”.

Employee Safety and Well-Being

Excellence in EHS is essential to Bajaj Electricals Limited (BEL) success. At Bajaj Electricals, we place utmost priority on the health and well-being of our people. Our Nasik & Ranjangaon plants are ISO 45001:2018 certified. Our plant heads as well as a safety committee regularly tracks safety parameters to ensure optimum results. Immediate actions are taken in case of any deviation from the acceptable safety standards. Our Safety plans include opportunities to reduce serious and fatal incidents, ensuring and maintaining safety legal compliances, safe working environment, ensuring employees engagement. Our plans are focusing on top 5 hazards which includes (Electricals, Falls, Vehicle movement, Powered Machines, Lifting)

For us Safety is a value which Bajaj Electricals will not compromise. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees, as well as all key stakeholders including but not limited to agency workers, contractors and visitors coming to our sites, offices and factories. Our Safety Objective is to achieve zero severe accident. For achieving safety objective each employee is Complying with BEL safety rules and local regulations . We STOP any activity that deviates from Safety Rules. We Train our staff and stakeholders to apply safety standards and instructions at work. We report new risks and safety violation in EHS management system.

At Bajaj Electricals risk assessments are performed. We ensured our primary risk associated with work place are addressed on priority. We adopted Hazard Identification

Risk Assessment (HIRA) technique to identify the risks associated with specific equipment.

Safety awareness and communication is important to ensure standards are implemented properly. We conduct regular campaigns on road safety, EHS induction training, Safety alerts, generic and risk based EHS trainings. These safety programmes are organised across all business verticals and departments. Training on Hazards and their associated risk is an important part of Bajaj Electricals employee expectations. There are 85 safety related topics in which 461 training sessions were conducted.

To ensure safety at work, we conduct annual EHS assessments at our factories, warehouses, Project sites, offices. This EHS assessment is a process in which our sites and facilities are evaluated to identify opportunities and to recognize excellence. EHS Team consolidates site results to identify and prioritize actions which support and uplift site performance, training needs and cross site mentoring opportunities. We proactively monitor leading indicators including safety employees engagement. We track the rate of employees participating in safety opportunities. Our action tracking system helps us in closing these safety opportunities. Our focus is very clear, we want to translate these opportunities into risk reduction actions.

As part of safety strategy Bajaj Electricals launched its first Safety survey in 2022. It help us in measuring employees safety engagement identify safety opportunities and to develop future safety initiatives.


EHS trainings were conducted


Mock drills

ISO 45001:2018

Certification for EPC BU

Enhanced safety for EPC

Our power transmission and distribution sites have been recognised as critical sites. Dedicated EHS officials are present at all the sites to ensure compliance with legal and associated standards. Workers regularly receive training on the importance of safety and other concerns such as risk assessment, high-risk activity, firefighting, the use of PPE and first aid. They are also provided appropriate PPE to ensure their safety. Additionally, a work permit system has been developed to prevent the occurrence of unauthorised or unsupervised operations at the workplace. To ensure occupational safety, EHS managers undertake cross-regional safety audits, the results of which are shared with the top management.


Fatal accidents during FY 2023

Safety is a never-ending journey. In 2023 safety will be enhanced by strengthening our safety expertise in process and product design.

Human Rights

We place great emphasis on respecting, safeguarding and upholding the human rights of all people. To provide a safe and comfortable working environment, we have strengthened our human rights policies and encourage employees to report grievances related to the organisation or any other pertinent issues.

Our policies
  • Code of Conduct policy
  • Whistle Blower policy
  • POSH policy

Approximately 10% of the employees in the organisation are members of the union. This allows employees to easily communicate with top management through the union, facilitating mutually beneficial decisionmaking for the organisation.

Way forward

  • Maintain a zero accident record and prioritise safety measures.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and standards.
  • Provide employees with learning and development opportunities to enhance their career progression and leadership abilities.
  • Enhance employee satisfaction through various initiatives.
  • Increase the representation of women in senior management positions.
  • Create value for all stakeholders and cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment.